Long SCO Discursions

John Wall is SCO's second biggest stockholder.

SCO is closely watching the Yahoo SCOX message board.

Who is Integral Capital Partners?

Jonathan Cohen and SCO

Morgan Keegan/Boies/Anderer Timeline

Jonathan Cohen again: JHC Analyst says BUY; JHC SELLs

John Wall Sells Out -- Sort of

Vista Reverse Merger DOES NOT Benefit SCO (updated 23 July 2005)

April 15th and 19th 2005 Vista.com SEC REGDEX filings

July 1st and 18th 2005 Vista.com SEC REGDEX filings

Hyperlinked index of exhibits to 28 July 2005 SCO S-1

Vista.com Timeline Aug 2002 to August 2005

Vista.com 16 December 2002 REGDEX

Vista.com 16 October 2003 REGDEX

Vista.com 23 August 2005 REGDEX

Vista has Gone Public

SCO Rejects a Shareholder Proposal

Other Good Resources

Groklaw is the place to go for discussion of legal issues related to SCO

TuxRocks has perhaps the most comprehensive list of filings related the various cases surrounding SCO

SCOfacts also has extensive case filings and frequently has new material up before any other location

Yahoo SCOX Financial Board is one of the better places to look for issues related to the finance side of things--though you can often find legal discussion there as well.

IP-WARS.NET is a new site that has sprung from some of the Yahoo SCOX regulars. It is an attempt to create a site that will look at many issues that have been covered on Yahoo SCOX as well as other things related to the coming IP wars. Part of the goal was to provide threaded discussion with a better rating system than Groklaw or Yahoo SCOX and to license all comments under the CCL and allow spidering to help the memes spread faster.

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